Auto Accidents

If you have been injured in an Automobile Accident, you are facing many stressful issues. You need to concentrate on obtaining quality medical care. You need to concentrate on feeling better.

Noufer & Brown has the experience and knowledge to deal with the insurance companies and the legal issues involved in your claim. You deserve personal attention and aggressive handling of your claim, which Noufer & Brown can provide.

Steve Noufer, Esq., and Penny Brown, Esq., each have more than 25 years experience handling Automobile Accident claims.
 The insurance adjusters are working for the insurance companies. Don’t you need someone working for you?

Noufer & Brown can deal with the insurance companies and resolve the many legal issues which you face, including:

  1. Negotiate a fair settlement value for the damage to your vehicle. Some personal injury firms leave that up to you. Noufer & Brown handles this at no charge.

  2. Obtain PIP benefits (to pay for your medical expenses.) PIP benefits are usually $10,000. Some personal injury firms will not represent you until you have obtained your PIP benefits. Noufer & Brown wants to assist you from day one, to make sure you are treated fairly and obtain all the benefits to which you are entitled.
  3. Determine if you have access to wage loss benefits, through your automobile policy or temporary disability insurance benefits at work. Noufer & Brown will insure that you obtain any wage loss benefits to which you are entitled. 

  4. Make sure you receive the full compensation for your injuries to which you are entitled.


You will not be charged for any attorney's fees, until you obtain a recovery for your injuries. There are no attorney's fees unless you receive a recovery.


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